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The marriage bed you buy the couple joy in their marriage. right?

It is said that people will encounter about 29 million 200 thousand people in life, the probability of two people in love is 0.000049, and between men and women from the acquaintance, acquaintance, love, and then enter the marriage hall, also need a lot of fate. It’s not easy to meet the right people at the right time! So, handsome guy, when you say, “Will, you, marry, me?”” Later, when the other person answered with tears in his eyes, “yes, I will”, should we consider the question of setting up the wedding bed?

Don’t think the marriage bed is into the mall just pick, which can involve not little knowledge, quickly followed by Dearland Xiaobian to learn.
1 sheets:
Sheets are best to use natural moisture absorbent cotton products, fiber cotton is also a good choice. The sheets are soft and comfortable. Hygroscopic poor class Dacron polyester cotton blended, easy to produce static electricity, dust, also choose to choose some of the polyester composition. Linen should not be too thick too thick, because dust easily through perforations deposition on the mattress of the bed sheets.

2 pillow:
Generally speaking, pillow height is in 9 centimeters or so appropriate, also be equivalent to erect height of fist oneself. Pillow with buckwheat skin and other easy to adjust things as well. The filling should be soft, so that the pillow can be adjusted for sleep. When lying on the back of the pillow, the pillow is low and the neck is high, so as to increase the contact area between the neck and the pillow, and keep the natural physiological curve of the cervical vertebra. The lateral, pillow adjustments should make cervical and shoulder parallel to keep in upright position. Only in this way can the cervical spine sleep under normal physiological conditions.
3 quilts:
Now on the market of the quilt has a variety of materials, the difference between them lies in the advantages of the duvet is warm and good, and has good hygroscopicity, permeability; silk silk quilt is to do fillings, not because of the silkworm in the growth process with pesticides and other chemicals, silk was considered the most environmentally friendly. Wool (cashmere); heat preservation and drape allow all doubt, very good, so personal and comfort are very good. The fibers are moderate in price, but according to the four wells, seven, nine holes of different specifications, the price will be different. The more fiber holes, the better its warmth, elasticity and breathability.

Whether it’s a quilt, pillow, or quilt, it should have strong elasticity and good ventilation.
4 enclosures:
The bedspread is an important ornament on the bed. The first thing I see when I enter the bedroom is it. It is the keynote of the whole bedding,. Because the bedspread not close to human skin, do not have to use cotton products, can use these materials or Dacron poplin, crisp, not easy to wrinkle. The best style bedspread and room furniture color and style of harmony. Since you are newly married, you may as well choose some warm and happy colors.

Eight reasons for choosing Shao’s silk home textile

Eight reasons for choosing Shao’s silk home textile:
1, brand support: Join Shao home textiles, franchisees can enjoy the brand brought about by the chain effect, but also can use Shaw home textile trademarks and enterprise VI vision system;
2, decoration support: in order to ensure a unified national style of decoration, the headquarters will be for franchisees to provide unified store design and container placement reference map;
3, regional protection policy: the headquarters will set up the brand regional protection system in the city where the franchisee is located, strictly control the number of franchise stores, and maximize the interests of franchisees;
4, supervision support: headquarters has a very professional market supervision, data analysis personnel, they will provide franchisees with one to one nanny service;
5, training support: the headquarters will provide training guidance for franchisees and store staff, so that every staff in the store can become a master of sales;
6, advertising support: headquarters will regularly in major newspapers, magazines and television media on a large number of advertising, in order to enhance brand awareness;
7, activities promotion: headquarters of the marketing team to join in to discuss, build a variety of ground gas activity program, to help franchisees quickly reduce inventory;
8, logistics support: the headquarters will provide one-stop supply support for the franchisee, and improve the return system, completely eliminate the franchisee’s worries.
After reading the introduction of the small series, I believe we already know what are the eight reasons for choosing Shao’s silk home textile! Now, Shaw joined silk textile, free of cost to join, margin, headquarters will for the franchisee to provide free products, 100% return support. Join Shao silk home textile, advantages, such a good project, what are you hesitant about?

Yulana home: teach you the correct care bedding

Adequate sleep is very necessary, everyday people need to spend more than 8 hours in bed, so comfortable and healthy bedding has become particularly important, people in addition to choose comfortable high-quality bedding at the time of purchase, but also in our daily life to make the right maintenance. The next yulana textile will introduce for everybody, how to properly care bedding.
Yulana home: teach you the correct care bedding
1, liquid detergent and water for full integration (Note: to use liquid detergent without bleach composition), then cover bedding soaked into the water to cover bedding can fully contact and washing liquid.
In 2, after soaking for 40 minutes, remove from the water scrubbing bedding (Note: do not soak a long time, because of the long time immersion is easy to produce damage to the fabric and color printing).
3, after cleaning, the direct use of water for repeated filtration until the cleaning of bedding has no laundry liquid residue.
4, bleach clean after bedding, need to level up in drying drying (attention: avoid exposure, because a lot of pure natural raw materials, after exposure, texture will be worse than before).
5, after drying bedding, you can use low temperature ironing smooth.
The above content is to correct some of the tricks yulana home care bedding us, we believe that in the after reading, can be mastered. It is understood that often cleaning their bedding, is responsible for their own health is a kind of performance, if you also feel that the comfort of sleep is very important, and feel that the above method is really good, then quickly try it!

Beddings “sanding” is what material?

Bedding sanding fabric, cloth is used after machine processing, let more soft touch, you can understand the cloth with sandpaper grinding, the surface of the fabric fibers are broken, floc formation, chemical fiber and cotton bedding sanding has two. It is recommended that you buy, Satin Jacquard, cotton, good quality, affordable, a process of sanding fabric processing on the bedding, popular to say that in the fabric on the grind feel and texture. Now the sanding cloth is usually used in chemical fiber, cotton bedding rarely, do not buy the fluff products, because such products will drop a lot of fine fiber, especially a child in the family, after being sucked into the fine hairs on the body is not good, we recommend that you can buy cotton fabric products. Such as twill, satin, the process of printing, jacquard fabric, etc. to see your own preferences.

How do you open your home textile store?

Home textiles are believed to be the necessities of life for all of us, whether poor or rich. Therefore, the market demand for home visiting products is still very large. There are some people who want to start a business to see that this is a very good opportunity, so I want to open a textile shop, but after all, this is the first time to contact this industry so I don’t know how to open a textile shop all including textile shop, this problem is very important for many want to open home people who shop.
Because entrepreneurs only know how to open a home textile shop this problem, before you know what you should do something. Here is a brief introduction to this question. Want to open the textile shop you first need to do is to find a store, home textile stores the best choice in the new city that, because most households live in new city inside are new tenants, so they need to decorate the room, this time they will be the buyer of textiles.
After the store is well decorated, and then for the decoration of the shop, home textiles shop must be a little warm decoration, and the specific decoration style or according to the entrepreneur’s hobby to decide. Of course, if you want to open a textile, you must look for a fixed manufacturer, which needs careful consideration by the entrepreneur, because both the quality and the price need to select a suitable one. Of course, if you want to open a textile, you should also train the sales staff, so that you can better serve the customers.
How about the textile shop opened the answer to this question is this, if entrepreneurs want to open a store visits words in addition to considering the textile shop how to open this problem, should also consider some shop some advantages, because the only advantage to make better profits later. Want to know more detailed answers to these questions if entrepreneurs can go online to search, so you can know more detailed answer, because many online are sharing has opened stores home textiles of human experience, these experiences are of practical experience, so that will certainly help for entrepreneurs.

What’s the profit of opening a home textile store?

Home textiles are believed to be the necessities of life for all of us, whether poor or rich. Therefore, the market demand for home textile products is still very large. There are some people who want to start a business to see that this is a very good opportunity, so I want to open a textile shop, but after all, this is the first time to contact this industry so I don’t know everything about the textile shop including open textile shop how much profit? This problem is very important for many people who want to open a home textile shop.
Certainly because entrepreneurs want to open a textile shop just is the most important to this industry is interested in things to win the profits, so that the answer to this question is the decisive factor in the decision of whether to open them a textile store. In fact, it is home textile, store profits are very high, because the cost of production of textile products is not much, but the price of textile products sold are very high, so there are a lot of the difference. There is a lot of difference in the middle. Of course, the space to win profits is large.
In fact, the answer to this question, or according to the different situation, because of the different conditions will have different answers, if open the textile shop in the city. Its profits will be a little higher than the small city, even in the same city in different locations on the same home store it profits are different, so the textile shop profits or according to the specific circumstances. Generally speaking, the profit of the home textile shop is still very high, so if you want to open a home textile shop, please act quickly!
In fact, if you want to open a shop in the evening home then in addition to consider this issue, should also consider some other problems, such as the textile shop specifically how to open or need to pay attention to what matters on the textile shop, want to understand the information, access to the Internet to search the information on the Internet say very overall, can effectively help to those entrepreneurs who want to open a textile shop, open stores profit is really good, so that people don’t want to miss this chance, but not much chance.

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